A Differentiated Approach to Investing

CoMetro is a full-service financial firm operating on a Cooperative platform dedicated to helping our clients and members building wealth and protect their hard-earned assets. Our firm is completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients and members.

Governed by The Cooperative Commission of Malaysia and being independent enables us to establish working relationships with a number of industry-leading financial firms and enterprises to create customized client portfolios and programs. This approach helps to ensure that you receive objective unbiased advice that fits your particular needs and situation.

CoMetro offers a broad range of services to individuals and enterprises ranging from a focused review of a particular planning need to the preparation of a comprehensive financial plan and model. We can identify and tailor solutions for your full spectrum of financial goals.

Our operations are managed as a globally integrated enterprise. In today’s environment, where companies increasingly need to identify and execute opportunities on a global scale, our ability to leverage a fully integrated global team represents a significant advantage.

We brings extensive experience and resources to help assess and capitalize on business opportunities. Our global industry vertical teams work together to diligently access local and multinational companies and to identify investments where it will have differential insights and unique ability to drive transformational changes to increase the wealth of our clients and members. Our products and services includes the field off:

Capital Raising Services

CoMetro assists clients with Capital Raising to support plans to grow, consummate acquisitions, address shareholder liquidity, or effectuate shareholder recapitalizations. Capital alternatives include common/preferred equity, mezzanine/subordinated debt and term/revolving senior debt. Funding sources include high net worth individuals, venture capital, private equity, senior lending funds and commercial banks. Our capital raises typically include the following services:

  • Assessing a company’s optimal capitalization and sources of incremental capital
  • Generating a valuation analysis
  • Developing a target investor group and effectively positioning the company’s story to the investor members community of the Cooperative
  • Preparing investor materials and managing communications with potential investor members community of the Cooperative
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Negotiating with potential investor members community of the Cooperative
  • Assisting with documentation to expeditiously execute a successful capital raise

M&A Advisory Services

CoMetro specializes in providing M&A Advisory services to small- to mid-cap clients, including early-stage companies, closely-held businesses, portfolio companies of financial sponsor firms, and divisions or subsidiaries of public companies. Our experience encompasses a broad array of industries with diverse transaction structures that are typically less than RM 100 million in value. Our M&A transactions typically include the following services:

  • Exploring, evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives
  • Generate valuation analysis
  • Assessing potential acquirors and targets
  • Developing teasers, confidential information memorandums, management presentations, and other communication or marketing documents
  • Managing due diligence, data rooms, site visits and buyer investigations
  • Negotiating and consummating transactions
  • Advising on transaction structuring, timing, pricing and potential financing terms
  • Providing fairness opinions

Private Equity Investment
We assist on companies / projects that requires funding to expand their business to a greater heights via private equity fund house, high network investor, limited partners, and foreign investors.

Corporate Finance Advisory
We advise clients on a broad range of strategic and tactical issues, including capital structure optimization, capital allocation, equity and debt market positioning and issuance, and investor communications strategies.

IPO and Equity Capital Markets Advisory
Through our network of expertise we provide innovative, objective and timely advice on all aspects of raising equity capital, including valuation, underwriter selection, incentive structuring, investor targeting, listing venue selection, syndicate structuring, security structuring, and offering size and pricing.

Debt Advisory
Our team advises and negotiates on behalf of clients regarding alternatives for existing debt and the issuance of new debt. We also provide guidance on all aspects of the credit ratings process, including interactions with the ratings agencies.

Acquisition Finance
On both the buy-side and the sell-side, we advise clients and negotiate on their behalf regarding strategy, origination, structuring and execution of all types of acquisition financing.

Strategic Capital and Minority Investments
We have a long history of sourcing, raising, and structuring strategic capital investments for our clients. We leverage our deep understanding of strategic finance to advice clients making strategic and/or minority investments.

Liability Management

Starting with an independent and objective assessment of each client’s current liability profile, we work closely with clients to analyze the balance sheet and identify optimal liability management transaction and execution alternatives.

Debt and Equity Private Placements

We frequently advise private companies in the placement of senior debt, subordinated and mezzanine debt, convertible and equity-linked securities and private equity.

Convertible Securities

Our team provides advice and execution specific to convertible debt and preferred and other equity linked securities, including new capital raising, refinancing and restructuring, and custom convertible structures, including convertible-related equity derivatives.