We are a Financial Institution cooperative approved by Cooperative Commission of Malaysia with the objective of maximising our shareholders and investors returns.

Building Societies have been a part of our global financial services since 2010 and the building Societies globally have consistently provided a stable structure to provide a range of financial services to the members.

CoMetro is no ordinary building society as we strive to assist our members to reach their goals. We assist our clients in building their businesses and trade relationships worldwide as the world markets have the greatest volume of trade so no one country is sufficient to deal with the growing demand for good trade products and services.


Our founding mission is to address the lack of capital for entrepreneur’s business expansion and we assist by pooling the capital from our members, organise it and manage it by investing into projects that will directly benefits our members through high return and in turn growing entrepreneurship. CoMetroKL invest in local private equity businesses, purchase-resell-manage properties, financing & improving human capital.

Beginning in 2017 we began providing expertise and consulting in the arena of taking companies to Public Markets. Additionally we have matched capital requirements of these expanding entities with prospective investors.


Our positive and proven track record through good times and bad speaks for itself. CoMetro is committed to upholding this tradition of providing financial services that benefit our members in the global financial markets. We have since been building closer ties to Asia’s large investment houses that have very large assets in their portfolios and have been supporting CoMetro to increase their underwriting of CoMetro instruments. The newly established surety bonding relationships to underwrite CoMetro’s trade finance and other instruments has now been granted to a value no less than RM30mil which adds a very strong rated security for those members who may require the added security in their business or trade.

CoMetro is also expanding its key business in the Asia Pacific region which will make its businesses more assessable to its international member. CoMetro is now currently managing assets in-excess of RM650mil with key investors from high net worth groups, institutions and international corporations.